One day / Two days Trip (monastery of Debre Libanos, Portuguese bridge, & Blue Nile Gorge)

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Monastry of Debre Libanos, Portuguese bridge & Blue Nile Gorge


Blue Nile Gorge

Debre Libanos:  is a monastery in Ethiopia, lying northwest of Addis Ababa at 105 km in the Oromia Region. The church is founded in the thirteenth century by Saint Tekle Haymanot.

Along the side of the church, you cross a river and proceed on foot up a hill for about 15 minutes. According to legend, the Ethiopian Saint, Tekle Haimanot, prayed there. The legend says that he stood on one foot for so long that the other foot fell off.  Sick people queue to receive holy water (which is believed to be a sign of the saint’s prayer).

Portuguese bridge: It was built in the 16th century by Portuguese. Nearby the bridge, you will see Galada Baboons, which are endemic in Ethiopia

Blue Nile Gorge: It is from 1000m to 1500m deep. People said that the Nile Gorge is second to the U.S. Grand Canyon; it is said that the Blue Nile Gorge is as worth visiting as the Grand Canyon. It has a spectacular and a magnificent view when you descend into the Nile Gorge.  It is possible to continue up to the bridge and return back to Addis Ababa within a day but you have to start your trip as early as possible. Or you can make it for two days.

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