Because sometimes we get lost and we look for directions…

N - Follow a different path

Travel on a new genuine path in your own way.
Don’t just follow the main stream, be a rebel! Travel is freedom, there should be no rules.
Every place on earth worth visiting and every humans we met can teach us something.

NE - Stay curious

Curoisity means discoveries!
Let your desire to learn and know more about the world be your personal guide.
Start exploring the unknown and live uniques moments.

E - Keep it authentic

“relating to or denoting an emotionally appropriate significant, purposive and responsible mode of human life”

Authenticity is
“the idea that some things are in some sense really you, or express what you are, and others aren’t”
So just be truly yourself and enjoy the authentic beauty of the planet earth and its people.

SE - Just ask and trust

Let people be your inspiration.
Ask to them and trust! And remember that locals know better!

S - Your time is your money

Going slow, make you rich.
The less money you spend the richer your experience will be.

SW - Emotion is the goal

Emotions make experiences unforgettables.
Your state of mind and your open heart will make you live a perfect and complete travel experience, not the good weather nor the right season.

W - Share to inspire

We don’t need to be Bruce Chatwin to inspire people and make them dream and travel. You can do that!
Express yourself and inspire others sharing with them the places you love and the experiences you’re not going to forget!

W - ...and ENJOY!!