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When it comes to the adventure so there is no doubt people love to do thrilling adventures. Those who have a strong heart and daring enough to challenge the fear prefer to visit the places that give them the goosebumps. To consider this factual reality, both the native (local) and tourist have a lot more to explore as Dubai is the land which is full of colors and has a variety of adventurous places. So, except the deep sea fishing, fat tyre biking, hot air balloon, Autodrome, Hatta mountain, mountain biking, deep sea fishing, sightseeing, parks, water lands, and shopping there are a lot more which Dubai offers you to explore.

In my today’s article here I am jotting down the top 5 thrilling and adrenaline rush places in Dubai that give you the everlasting breathtaking experience.

So have a look at these places and then plan your trip to enjoy and avail the stupendous and adventures experience. The places which I’m heralding here are;

  • Skydiving
  • Al-Qudra cycling
  • Desert Safari
  • Sand-boarding
  • Fly-boarding
  • Sky Diving:

The experience to see the beauty and the sight scene from the top after jumping free fall is one of the daring adventures. Those who want to see the land of Dubai from the top have to do this experience. There is the top-most longest building Burj-Khalifa, the world islands, deserts landscape, and the glaring palm Dubai are the spots who allow you to do the sky diving with your companions or individually. To see the land from the sky is one of the outrageous and shaking experiences that can easily increase your heartbeat and gives you the lifetime most memorable memory.

But before going to attempt this make yourself fully sure to read and understand all the terms and conditions and security precautions mannerly.

  • Al-Qudra Cycling:

This Al-Qudra long track 80km (paved) is one of the best and finest choices for those who are the pedal lovers, and crazy to explore the fascinating far sighting and landscapes view while cycling. To do this long cycling exercise is one of the most challenging tasks which can’t be done easily. As people say that it looks quite easy to do but it is one of the most difficult tasks to do. So if you are a cycling lover and want to see the wild horses, adventurous landscape deserts and a side view of mountains then feel free to avail of this thrilling activity.

But before going to put you in keeps yourself ensure to understand all the credentials and precautions.

  • Desert Safari:

LandCruiser Dubai Desert Safari

Desert safari is also the place which considers in the list of top 5 thrilling and adrenaline rush places in Dubai. Every year a bunch of people come and visit the desert safari places and enjoy their vacations. As this is the place which not only gives you the thrill, adventure, and fun but also gives you the varieties of exercises that can easily entice your mood and energize you mannerly. So if you are visiting Dubai with your companions and family then must visit this desert safari place as it offers you the thrill of dune bashing, 4×4 desert wheeling experience, adventure of quad biking, entertainment, buffet dinner and breakfast, the fun of camel riding and also to give you the view of moonlight undercover stars night and a fresh dazzling sand morning.

There are no doubt so many reputable tour guides who offer you the best and affordable desert safari deals so before going to avail anyone makes sure to do you’re a little bit surfing homework and then pick the one which offers you the best.

  • Sand boarding:

Tourist love to explore this thrilling activity especially those who are coming from Europe and cold areas prefer to avail the sand-boarding exercise. As it does not only replenish your mood but also gives you an outstanding experience to run your sand-board on the huge and big sand dunes. Dubai is a well-known sandy (desert) land which is rich from the sand source. To run your sand-board under the clear hot and sandy smooth surfaced will absolutely give you the challenging, tough and thrilling experience.

But before going to avail this activity make sure to concern any reliable desert sand-board services that give you the complete guidance and also keeps you update about the surrounding circumstances.

  • Fly boarding:

There are few people who love to feel the air thrill, to make these things easy for them fly boarding is the best adventurous sport. This fly board is basically connected with a hose and attached with a Jet Ski engine. So when the engine starts it automatically pumps the water out from the hose with a great force and that force becomes the source or reason to propel the air height around 10 meters which actually gives you the goosebumps experience. For this activity, the spots locations are the Dubai coasts side which allows a person to fly like an Ironman.

Those who are daring enough and love to feel the fun and adventure can try this activity.

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