Where to sleep above the sea

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Welcoming Vibes

I think I found heaven on earth here in Jamaica! As usual I looked for a not-so-touristic spot and I decided to go to Treasure Beach. I had to take something like 5 or 6 over-over-crowded shared taxi but it definitely worth the (very uncomfortable) journey. A nice beach, almost no tourists, smiling welcoming locals happy to share their cool vision of life (and their weeds as well!) and the most amazing guest house of this planet!

Uphill, but 5 minutes walks from the beach, with a living room with no walls between me and the ocean view. No wall, no windows, just the ocean the sunset and nice owner and guests. The room has windows but…huge windows almost of the size of the wall on two sides. It’s like sleeping above the sea, I told you, I’m in Heaven!

Where to sleep above the sea

Church St, Treasure Beach, Jamaica

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