If you arrive in Phongsaly and you want to go further you’ll probably find yourself in China or Vietnam. Phongasaly is accessible by bus but it’s a quite remote town in the north of Laos. Why you should go there? Well, if you’re looking for a 5 stars holiday in Laos you should stay home. If not, you’re gonna like it. And if you’re a long-term traveler looking for unbeaten paths, you’re gonna LOVE it! In Phongsaly you’ll find cheap but excellent accommodation at Viphaphone Hotel , very good food (Lao and Chinese), rivers of Beer Lao (like everywhere in Laos!), karaoke and petanque place, welcoming people and a beautiful market. It’s a perfect and comfortable starting point for your trek in the Akha villages. A quiet town except if a marriage is going on cause it will probably take place in the street and you’ll be invited to dance!


Unnamed Road, Phôngsali, Laos
Phongsaly, Laos

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