Tucson [tuːsɒn] is…

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In the Saguaro national park east and Saguaro national park west you can meet baby Saguaro, young Saguaro, adult Saguaro, old Saguaro, very old Saguaro, huge Saguaro, family of Saguaro, sad Saguaro with broken arms, happy partying Saguaro with arms in the air, handsome Saguaro, not-in-very-good-shape Saguaro, Saguaro killed by lightnings, newly born Saguaro…

Saguaro is amazing, it is always beautiful in their own way, it has a unique story to tell and the most important it is resilient. Saguaro is my hero!

Tucson [tuːsɒn] is...

Wildhorse Trail, Tucson, AZ 85748, USA

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