Searching for humanity’s roots

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Ethiopia is the birthplace of humankind. In Addis Abeba you can even go to see and say hi to the little Lucy of your history books

But if you want to experience today the most authentic and almost untouched Ethiopian rural lifestyle, you should go in the south, around omo valley or further south to Teltele.  It’s the classic middle-of-nowhere-hidden-authentic-place where you can feel like Colombus discovering America (meaning discovering nothing at all but proud to manage to get there!)

You can find bus to go there, you’ll find accommodation and places to eat’ll find one of the most beautiful market of the region. Perfect if you’re looking for a goat or a nice fabric for your new dress!

People will probably stare at you so…just smile and enjoy your 15 minutes of fame!



Searching for humanity's roots

Unnamed Road, Ethiopia

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